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5. With the inference line still showing, click to the left of the base view
and drag the section line through the view. Place the second endpoint
to the right of the base view.
6. The tool lets you place many segments. Right-click, and select
Continue from the context menu to see a preview of the section view.
7. Place the view using the defaults in the location previewed in
Figure 4.42.
FIGURE 4.42 You can even modify the view while placing a section view.
The view placed is already hatched and ready to be used. Let's place one more
view in this drawing sheet.
Detail Views
Selecting the scale for your drawing views is important, and being able to change
that scale after the fact is great as well. Sometimes, though, you need a closer
look at a portion of the part or assembly for clarity. You need a view with a dif-
ferent scale than the others. You need a detail view.
The Detail tool must have a parent view selected, like the section or projected
view. When that parent view is selected, the Detail View dialog box (Figure 4.43)
appears. This dialog box has quite a few options, but most of them are ones you've
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