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FIGURE 3.27 Moving the duct to a new position
6. Rotate your view so that it resembles Figure 3.28.
7. Start the Constrain tool again.
8. You'll use the Mate constraint again. This time, pick the fl ange on
the housing for the fi rst selection, as shown in Figure 3.29.
9. For the second face, hover over the face on the duct with the two
holes. After a second or two, an icon appears under your cursor. By
picking the arrows on either end of the icon, you can toggle the
options available for the second selection. After this icon appears,
you can also cycle the options by rolling a mouse wheel.
10. Pick the back of the face you hovered over for the second selection, as
shown in Figure 3.30. When the correct face is highlighted, click the
square in the middle of the icon.
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