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it in the File window, and click Open to begin placing the part in the
Doing so places an instance of the housing at the center of the
assembly. The assembly has the same origin planes, axes, and so on
as a part fi le. The fi rst part placed automatically aligns its origins
with those of the assembly. Each copy of a part that is placed is
referred to as an instance of the component. For this assembly, you
need only one housing part.
4. Inventor places the fi rst instance and offers you the opportunity to
place others. Because you need only one, press the Esc key to stop
placing components.
5. Open Windows Explorer or a My Computer window.
6. Navigate to the C:\Data\Parts folder.
7. Pick and drag Duct.ipt into the Design window from Explorer. See
Figure 3.25.
The fi rst component is the base component and is grounded by
default, so it doesn't move. The duct isn't grounded, so you can pick
and drag the component to a different position.
FIGURE 3.25 Dragging a component from Windows also works for an
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