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NOTE Inventor does the math for you if you need to calculate a value.
You can even use parentheses to build algebraic equations. For angles, you
can input degrees or even radians, using RAD for the unit.
FIGURE 3.8 Include factors in the dimension value, and Inventor will
calculate the value.
16. Create a dimension from the left edge of the rectangle to the sketch
center. Edit the value; when the value appears, click the 32.000
Doing so enters the dimension name of the 32.000 dimension into
the dialog. Inventor gives every dimension a name automatically. You
can rename any dimension using the Parameters tool on the Manage
tab, or you can enter a new value on the fl y. Dimension names can't
have spaces or special characters.
17. In the Edit Dimension window, put the cursor before the dimension
name that was assigned when you selected the 32.00 dimension, and
type half_width= .
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