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11. Select the XY plane in the Browser, and then either click the Create
2D Sketch tool or press the S key.
In Inventor, you can either start the Sketch tool and then select
the face or select the face and start a new sketch on it. For the next
step, you could use Horizontal and Vertical constraints to center the
rectangle in the sketch; but the steps use dimensioning techniques
so you can see another option.
12. Draw a rectangle above the part, as shown in Figure 3.7.
FIGURE 3.7 Creating a new sketch
13. Dimension the width of the rectangle to be 32 .
14. Dimension the height of the rectangle to be .5 .
15. Create a dimension between the sketch center and the top of the rect-
angle. Set its value to 35.8/2 , as shown in Figure 3.8.
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