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FIGURE 2.57 The Measure tool displays the results in a dialog and shows
what was measured on the model.
24. Close the dialog by selecting the X icon at upper right, and return to
the folded model.
25. In the Browser, right-click the Housing.ipt folder again, and check
the Physical Properties. Compare them to Figure 2.58.
26. Close the dialog, and save your work one more time.
In this chapter, you've built a not-so-simple part using only a handful of fea-
tures and a few sketches. As we progress, you'll continue to reuse the same basic
techniques to defi ne many kinds of parts. The fi rst sketch you created may not
have seemed diffi cult, but a sketch like that is one of the most diffi cult things
you can do in Inventor.
Take a moment to look over your work (See Figure 2.59) and be proud. Using
older systems, a part like this would've been diffi cult to defi ne with the proper
consistency. The corners might not have been represented properly, and you
most certainly could not have developed a fl at pattern that included the allow-
ance for the stretching of the material without extensive manual calculations.
This is just the fi rst part. By the time you're fi nished with the entire project,
you'll have enhanced this part and others.
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