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9. Save the new rule by clicking the Save button at the top of the
dialog box.
10. With the Steel - 16 ga rule active, click the New button again to create
a copy of that style.
11. In the New Style Name dialog, enter Aluminum - .13 and then click OK.
12. Activate the new style.
13. Change its Material to Aluminum - 6061 and its Thickness to .13in.
Leave all other settings the same.
14. Save the new style.
15. Set the Steel - 16 ga style as your active style again.
The work you've done in the Style and Standard Editor up to this point has
only affected the part you're currently working in. If you work with sheet metal,
you'll want to establish these rules and be able to use them in other parts. To do
this, you publish them to the Style Library. This is a very simple process, as
you'll see in the next few steps:
16. Right-click the Steel - 16 ga rule in the left column, and select Save
to Style Library from the context menu.
17. Do the same for the Aluminum - .13 rule. It isn't necessary to make
that rule active to save it to the library.
18. Click the Done button in the dialog box to close it.
19. When the dialog closes, you see the Sheet Metal Defaults dialog
again. Select the down arrow next to the rules to see that your two
new rules are available for use.
20. Click Cancel to return to your component and save your work.
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