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happy that the Xavante were getting together to look for the old man, because he
suffered a lot in the hands of the waradzu . His blood came all out of him and spread
over the land. The land turned red, like wapru (blood), red like ( urucu ).
Figure 6.12. Joaquim's blood covers the earth. By William Tsere'õnõi'õ.
Joaquim was walking back home, but the peons already spotted him. They planned
on killing him, because waradzu don't like Xavante around. (…) The old man had
a friend on the farm, because he always gave the peon some fish. The river is inside
the farm, how can we fish? So Joaquim's friend saw him, came over and said: “They
are preparing a trap for you, they are going to kill you. Get out of here.” How can
the old man run fast? Faster than a car? Waradzu have big cars that go fast, they have
D2O (big Ford pickup trucks) and the pickup truck was coming fast, already, with
the waradzu inside, ready to kill the old man.
Joaquim looked back, his legs can't take him faster than the car. The men have
guns, but he is going to scare them because he is a jaguar, he does not fear. He
prepared himself to fight with them like a jaguar, like an anaconda ( sucuri ) wrapping
around them, breaking their weapons. He can fight, he can fight with Luis Carlos
(son of Ernesto Ruaru), who brought his men with him. (…) Joaquim said: “I am a
Jaguar, I am brave.” They came up from behind and grabbed him by the neck. He
said, “I am a Jaguar and I am brave.” “No one walks on our farmland, no Xavante
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