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Presentation of Terena knowledge by Alício Terena (Kopenoti Indigenous Area)
My concern is how to take this information that we are learning here to the
Terena of my village. Because we lost so much knowledge as a result of
the invasion by the Whites, many Terena children do not speak their own
language! This is why I am studying to become a teacher to teach the language
and transform our school into a bilingual school. To teach only Portuguese and
the knowledge of the Whites is not right.
I want to show the Terena the accomplishments of this workshop and
everything that I've been learning to show the importance of teaching the
Terena language to the children and researching about our knowledge with the
elders. Before speaking about Terena mathematics here with you, I have to do
a lot of research. For example, why Indigenous mathematics is so important for
all peoples, and also why it is essential that we have a better understanding of
the mathematics of White men.
So, the work that I am doing in my village is like this: I design something, like
a house, and I tell the children the name in our language. For instance, there
are two ways of saying “house” in Terena: peti and ovocuti . Of course learning
Portuguese is important for us to become an independent people. But to learn
the Terena language is also important for our sovereignty.
House in the Terena language: peti or ovocuti
Fish in the Terena language: ho'e
Palm tree in the Terena language: emucaiá
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