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Ara py au is like summer and spring together, when it is hot and good to
Ara yma is like autumn and winter together, when it is cold and we prepare the
earth for the beginning of planting.
The day is always in relation to the sun:
Petei Porã - 1 day
Petei Ara - 1 st . day of the month
The month is always in relation to the moon:
Petei Jaxy - 1 month
Mukui Jaxy - 2 months
Mboapyt Jaxy - 3 months
The year is related to the planting period:
We use the image of a young Indian holding a bag of seeds of corn and a
planting stick to symbolize the planting season because we don't use machines
to plant.
Numbers in Guarani Mbyá writing
Petei Ma'ety - 1 year
We think the following symbols can help represent numbers in Guarania Mbyá
writing. We want to perfect our numerical system in the near future. (See
Table 4.2 below.)
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