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Figure 4.5. “Boa Vista Village of the Guarani People.” By Odílio Warã, 1999.
Favela Real Parque, cidade de São Paulo
Favela Real Parque, São Paulo City
We, the Pankararu people, make up about 90 families all living in the Favela Real
Parque in São Paulo City. There are also 28 families in the Favela Madalena in
São Paulo. Others are located in different neighborhoods. Altogether, there are 950
Pankararu in São Paulo City. We all live here in São Paulo as workers. Most work
in security and the women work cleaning, either businesses or family homes.
Our community has been living here in São Paulo city for nearly 50 years. We
came from our village in Pernambuco, from the Tacaratu region. In Pernambuco
there are around 7,000 Pankararu, a very large population.
We need to define our lives better here in São Paulo. We have the Pankararu
Association, which commands our people here in the state of São Paulo. We
await recognition [as Brazilian Indians] from Funai, because until now there's
been none. We are counting on Funai's recognition because it is their obligation
to help us.
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