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Not To build (or even follow) the examples in this topic, you can choose to use the virtual
machine (vM) we've created that contains all the code, libraries, and servers we use in our
examples. Refer to Appendix b for instructions on how to download, install, and start the vM.
Setting Up a Message Broker
To get started, download the message broker from . At the time of writing this topic, the most
recent ActiveMQ version available is 5.7, supporting STOMP 1.1, but more recent versions
should work just as well.
Not The ActiveMQ download is available in two flavors: one for Windows ( *.zip ), and
one for the various Unix flavors: Linux, Unix, and Mac ( *.tar.gz ).
After downloading and extracting ActiveMQ, your directory structure should look
similar to what's shown in Figure 5-3 .
Figure 5-3. The ActiveMQ home directory after installation
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