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Figure 3-8. Remote JavaScript console
Before you build this example, ensure you've built the example in Listing 3-6. If
you've also built the Echo Server piece (Listing 3-7), you'll need to shut down the Echo
Server before testing the ensuing code snippets. Listing 3-8 contains the JavaScript code
for the remote control.
Listing 3-8. websocket-repl.js
var websocket = require("./websocket-example");
var repl = require("repl");
var connections = Object.create(null);
var remoteMultiEval = function(cmd, context, filename, callback) {
for (var c in connections) {
callback(null, "(result pending)");
websocket.listen(9999, "localhost", function(conn) { = Math.random().toString().substr(2);
connections[] = conn;
console.log("new connection: " +;
conn.on("data", function(opcode, data) {
console.log("\t" + + ":\t" + data);
conn.on("close", function() {
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