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Figure 8-1. Reverse Proxy Server in Front of HTTP and WebSocket Servers
Using a reverse proxy server provides several benefits, including enabling you to
deploy, administer, and update your WebSocket server separately from other servers in
your network. While reverse proxy servers can enable your application to use a single
port to access the servers in your topology, as the number of users increase, you'll need
to consider load-balancing options. For example, you may have an HTTP server serving
static content and multiple WebSocket servers serving dynamic content for your web
You can use a reverse proxy as a load balancer in front of your servers by configuring
the proxy server to balance the load among a number of WebSocket servers. For
example, you can create a network of HTTP and WebSocket servers by using the
reverse proxy server to point to , , and so on, as
shown in Figure 8-2 .
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