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Figure 7-7. User successfully connects and is authorized to receive messages
The user is now able to send and receive messages because you set an authorization
policy in the ActiveMQ configuration to let users, part of the guests group to read, write,
and manage any queues and topics that are prefixed with GUEST . Listing 7-6 shows the
authorization policy.
Listing 7-6. Authorization Policy in ActiveMQ
<authorizationEntry queue="GUEST.>" read="guests" write="guests,users"
admin="guests,users" />
Apache ActiveMQ makes use of destination wildcards providing support for
federated name hierarchies.
As you can see, you can control security for your application simply by configuring
your back-end message broker. Enhancing security on your application resources further
tightens the security model over WebSocket, from your back-end server over WebSocket,
all the way to the application in the browser.
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