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you can define various configuration files for Apache ActiveMQ. To keep our example
simple, here we modify the default one. For additional Apache ActiveMQ configurations, see
the ACTiVEMQ_HoME/conf directory.
Listing 7-3. Sample Apache ActiveMQ Configuration
<authenticationUser username="system"
<authenticationUser username="user"
<authenticationUser username="guest"
password="${guest.password}" groups="guests"/>
Listing 7-3 is available as a sample in the conf/activemq-security.xml file, as well.
Let's start the Apache ActiveMQ message broker with the new configuration. In the
ACTIVEMQ_HOME directory enter the following:
$> bin/activemq console
Now, when you try to access the sample application with the same username and
password provided by the demo causes the system to reject the user's login as shown in
Figure 7-5 . The reason for this is that the value of the pre-populated value of the Login
and Password fields is guest , by default, while the configuration you just added refers to
the ${guest.password} property, as specified in the ACTIVEMQ_HOME/conf/credentials.
properties file.
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