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I'm being completely spoiled for I never by any chance carry
anything - it would demoralise the natives not to allow them
the honour! A personal 'boy' always goes along with one and
looks after his master in everything. All that is to be carried
is piled on to him, and the best of it is he really feels it an
honour and so both parties are well pleased.
We walked about all day, and when we decided to lunch
we found some cocoanut palms. Beneath these we had our
meal, drinking the fresh delicious milk of young nuts. An
admiring group of natives came around and took what was
left. They sang in Makua, according to the translation of the
boy, 'Great is the white man, who has come amongst us to
visit us. Strong is his arm and beyond our understanding is
his wisdom.' - and so time after time.
While based at Mosuril Holmes' ability to play the piano made
him popular with the British and Portuguese residents on the
island of Mozambique. He greatly enjoyed his visits there and
the chance to make music. The town housed the residences of
the Governor of Mozambique, several European businessmen
and the fifteen sta¬ of the Eastern Telegraph Company:
On Sunday I was invited to the Governor's with Allen from
breakfast onwards. There we met all the big Europeans, the
English and German Consuls, the Chancellor of the Exchequer
of the colony, and several English from the Eastern Telegraph
Company. One of the Englishmen is a Yorkshire man named
Heselton who is a very fine baritone singer. The Governor's
wife has a piano of sorts, and we had quite a lot of music
which they appreciated immensely. I was quite a smart figure
- dressed in white from head to foot even to shirt, tie and
sash! I wish one could dress like that in England.
I have enclosed a small picture of Reid which occurs in the
London Illustrated News of April 1st, 1911, and which we
have just got. That will help to show you that the type of peo-
ple I am with is one to be proud of and that there is nothing
of the wild bush-ranger type of pioneer out here. In fact on
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