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5 p.m., with 1.15 to 2 p.m. allowed for refreshment, except on
Wednesdays and Saturdays when study finished at 1 p.m. All stu-
dents were expected to enter the times of their arrival and depar-
ture in a topic kept in the hall, and any absence was immediately
to be reported. Punctuality was a matter of great concern and
late-comers would not be allowed into a lecture once it had com-
menced. Even the staff had to sign an attendance topic, with
those arriving after 9.50 signing below the red line. Smoking was
strictly prohibited in any part of the building and students were
required to refrain from shouting, whistling or singing. Where
damage to equipment occurred as a result of carelessness, it was
to be paid for by the student. 'Caution Money', a deposit of one
pound per year, was required to cover such eventualities.
Dress and health were also matters for scrupulous attention.
All members of the teaching staff were expected to wear dark
blue suits with stiff white linen collars - the higher the better,
some reaching as much as three inches. The Professor would
never be seen outside the College on o~cial business without a
silk top hat, having first removed the dust by a quick polish on
his sleeve. Students suffering from infectious diseases, or com-
ing from homes where infectious diseases prevailed, would not
be allowed into College, and amongst the information required
on the admission form was a statement that the applicant was
free from any organic disease or physical defect that would inter-
fere with his studies. Life was formal and structured. It must
have been very intimidating for a young boy from Gateshead
away from home for the first time in his life.
The National Scholarship Arthur had been awarded was
worth sixty pounds a year. It entitled the holder to thirty shillings
a week during the academic year and free admission to lectures,
laboratories and instruction during the four years necessary for
completion of the Associateship course, equivalent to an
honours degree today. At 1 p.m. on the first Wednesday
following the opening of College, and at the same time on every
succeeding fourth Wednesday, five pounds of the allowance
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