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ing Dr Reynolds' lectureship in the Geology Department:
The Committee agree that the work of Dr. D. Reynolds (Mrs. Holmes)
in all respects justifies her re-appointment on the higher scale of salary.
The Committee suggest that, before a recommendation is made, Council
be asked whether or not they approve of the employment of husband and
wife in the same Department.
The Academic Board accepted, without discussion, the Re-
Appointments Committee's recommendation to refer the mat-
ter to the Durham Colleges' Council the following week. It came
like a bombshell to the Holmes who luckily heard about the
matter just in time. Arthur leapt to his wife's defence and wrote
to Dr Applebey, Chairman of the Durham Colleges' Council:
I heard of it [the recommendation] with surprise and dis-
taste. It seems to me both dangerous and unnecessary to raise
the question in this general way, and I hope Council will take
the view that they will raise no objection so long as the wel-
fare of the Department concerned is in no way impaired.
I can assure you beyond all possibility of doubt that in this
particular case the Department has been strengthened rather
than weakened, since we both have now more time to devote
to it and to the development of our subject by research than
was formerly possible. No other change of any kind is, or will
be, involved. My wife's career as a geologist is her dominant
interest, no competing interest of any kind having been intro-
duced by her marriage, and it would be a most unfair and
cruel blow if Council passed any resolution that would lead
automatically to her dismissal. Dr. Reynolds has an inter-
national reputation as one of the leading petrologists of this
country and, I may add, she is the only member of the Science
staff who has earned the degree of D.Sc. since the
Laboratories were opened. Any man of similar achievement
would already have been elected to a Professorship. If she
had to leave, the Department would suffer a very grave loss,
as it would be impossible to fill her place by anyone of com-
parable attainments, either as teacher or researcher.
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