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Lim Chin Tsong's Palace on Kokine Hill in Rangoon.
financial di~culties with his other enterprises and was using
the money owed to Burmah Oil to stave o¬ his creditors. As his
business fortunes rose and fell with erratic irregularity, he was
alternately millionaire and pauper. He was also an inveterate
gambler. But by 1919 Burmah Oil could take it no more and told
LCT that they were cancelling his agency agreement. They cour-
teously o¬ered him the option to resign first, which he did, still
promising to repay all the money he owed. Later that year,
despite, or perhaps because of, his financial crisis LCT travelled
to England for the first time, a trip he had always promised him-
self. He stayed for three months spending £30,000 at Harrods
on furnishings for his palace, and amusing himself in the West
End. To pay for these extravagances he took from Burma a boat-
load of Burmese commodities to sell in London, the profits from
which were meant to repay his debts. But inevitably the money
became side-tracked.
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