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Here we are in the shadows of speculation and must await
the illumination of further discoveries.
Arthur Holmes
Margaret Howe was nearly thirty when she married Arthur
Holmes at Gateshead United Methodist Church on Tuesday the
14th of July, 1914. The daughter of one of the famous Howe
Brothers, a printing firm started very modestly by her grand-
father in 1863 which had grown to be one of the biggest employ-
ers in Gateshead, Maggie was the youngest of three children.
Her father, a master printer, was now comfortably retired but
Maggie still lived with her parents in their fine Victorian house
in Saltwell View, Gateshead, overlooking the park. Her brother
and sister had both married and moved away so it fell to Maggie
to stay at home and look after her parents.
It is unclear how the relationship arose, Arthur being five
years Maggie's junior, but he wrote to her from Mozambique so
they must have known each other for some time previously.
Having been 'squashed' by Edie it appears Arthur's attentions
turned to Maggie on his return from Mozambique. In a letter to
Edward Wayland dated 8th October 1912, he shed some light on
the subject:
I had, as a matter of fact, wanted a girl at home for a considerable
time but . . . someone else appeared to be in the field. Fortunately he was
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