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Figure 1.10, cont'd
Panama and Paraguay) reported ADMIN2 data and Peru reported data from
ADMIN3 units. Data were available for a total of 12,514 administrative (or
risk) units in the Americas.
Africa+ . Pv API data were aggregated at a variety of levels by the six (out
of 46) Pv MECs that reported data in the region. For the years of avail-
able data, Dijbouti, Saudi Arabia and Yemen reported ADMIN1 level data,
Namibia reported from a mix of ADMIN1 and ADMIN2 units, and South
Africa and Swaziland had data available at the ADMIN2 level. Data were
provided for a total of 377 risk units for the Africa+ region.
6.1.3. The Global Distribution of the Duffy Blood Group
The distribution of Duffy-negative populations was used as another exclu-
sion layer to constrain the limits of P. vivax transmission ( Fig. 1.7 ). The reader
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