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Figure 1.5, cont'd
estimates is given at the end of this chapter in Section 6 . In brief, these
estimates were generated by combining maps of the limits of transmission
described above with 1 × 1 km resolution gridded population surfaces for
2010 projected from the Global Rural-Urban Mapping Project (GRUMP)
year 2000 beta version population counts ( Balk et al., 2006 ; CIESIN/
IFPRI/WB/CIAT, 2007 ). Regional maps of 1 × 1 km gridded population
estimates for 2010 are shown in Fig. 1.8 . Fine-scale population data were
used to ensure the detailed variations in risk level described in our limits
maps are appropriately assigned to the underlying population.
3.3. Vectors of the P. vivax Parasite
Figure 1.9 shows the distribution of Anopheles species considered to be
the dominant vector species/species complexes (DVS) of human malaria
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