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Figure 1.5 Environmental suitability for transmission of P. vivax as defined by tem-
perature in Asia, Asia-Pacific, the Americas and Africa+. Areas shaded green in Asia
(A), Asia-Pacific (B), the Americas (C) and Africa+ (D) are those in which no windows
exist across an average year in which the annual temperature regime is likely to support
the presence of infectious vectors. The temperature suitability model is described in full
elsewhere ( Gething et al., 2011b ). For interpretation of the references to colour in this
igure legend, the reader is referred to the online version of this topic.
parasitaemia levels than P. falciparum ( Mendis et al., 2001 ; Mueller et al.,
2009a ).
Uncertainty in the estimates of endemicity . The modelling framework
allowed the uncertainty in predicted endemicity values to vary between
locations, depending on the observed variation, density and sample size
of surveys and the predictive utility of the suite of environmental covari-
ates (described in detail in Section 1.6). The uncertainty associated with
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