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Browser Grading Chart
T o help you avoid browser support problems and troubleshoot your style sheets, we've
compiled this simple chart of the majority of CSS 2.1 properties, leaving out properties that
don't work properly in any modern browser. The browsers listed make up the vast majority
in use as of this writing (with the exception of IE 7, which is included now that its CSS support
has been declared feature complete), and are as follows:
Firefox (Linux/OS X/Windows, version 1.5)
Safari (OS X, version 2)
Internet Explorer (Windows, versions 6 and 7)
Note Netscape 8 uses the same rendering engine as Firefox, so you may use the Firefox column for
compatibility with that browser.
The chart uses the following system: Y means the property is supported by the browser,
N means it isn't. We've split the properties into groups based on usage, following the order
and grouping used in Appendix A of Simon Collison's Beginning CSS Web Development:
From Novice to Professional (Apress, 2006), which makes this chart the perfect companion
to Simon's property index.
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