HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Color Name
The available color names are aqua , black , blue , fuchsia , gray , green , lime , maroon , navy , olive ,
orange , purple , red , silver , teal , white , and yellow .
RGB Value
Red, green, and blue components are specified as either percentages or integers in the range 0-255.
Examples: rgb(100%, 50%, 0%) , rgb(255, 128, 0)
The different font families and system font keywords are listed here.
Generic Font Families
First, here are the generic font families:
System Font Keywords
There are six possible system font keywords: caption , icon , menu , message-box , small-caption ,
and status-bar .
These are not intended to be used by CSS designers, but rather are used by the browsers
themselves. They're included here for the sake of completeness, but you, as the CSS author,
needn't concern yourself with them that much.
CSS lengths are indicated as a decimal number followed by an absolute or relative unit. All
CSS length values must include a unit, unless that value is 0 . Also, note that the line-height
property can accept a number without a unit, but this is actually a scaling factor, not a length.
Absolute Units
Absolute units that can accompany length values include the following:
mm (millimeter)
cm (centimeter)
in (inch)
pt (point)
pc (pica)
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