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Many tools are available online and as applications, and it could take years to sift through all
of them, so here are a few of our favorite helpers for OS X and Windows XP:
Xyle scope (OS X; )
TextMate (OS X; )
xScope (OS X; )
Style Master (OS X/Win XP; )
Dreamweaver (OS X/Win XP; )
Validate Markup and Styles
Nothing is more frustrating than spending hours trying to fix a problem only to discover that it
was a minor mistake that you made and that you could have easily avoided. Luckily for you
(and the rest of us), the W3C maintains two online tools that can help check your markup
( ) and styles ( ). Validating
helps you eliminate a lot of human errors from your code: unclosed elements, improperly
formed tags and attributes, incorrect properties/values, and more can be quickly located and
corrected with the help of the validators. And by running your page through the validators as
you fix the problems they report, it's easy to tell when you still have errors (Figure 14-6) and
when you've caught them all (Figure 14-7).
Figure 14-6. After we validate markup (left) and styles (right), we see has some
problems (though there are only two errors, so be gentle).
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