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Note The next version of Safari will include a new feature, Web Inspector, that provides similar functionality
to the Web Developer Extension for Firefox. For those of you who prefer to do your developing in Safari, this will
be a welcome addition to the toolbox. If you can't wait for the final version when it ships with OS X Leopard,
visit and download the latest WebKit nightly.
Firebug Extension (Firefox)
Another great add-on for Firefox is Joe Hewitt's Firebug ( ).
Much like the Web Developer Extension's Display Element Information option (Figure 14-2),
Firebug features an Inspector that shows you all elements in the document tree, their styles,
layout/positioning specifics, and more (Figure 14-3).
Figure 14-3. Hovering or clicking on an element in Firebug's Inspector outlines that element in
the browser.
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