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You can see the change in Figure 11-7.
Figure 11-7. The legend elements in our example form have been styled and positioned.
That helps a lot. But notice our styles for fieldset and legend were applied not only to
our three main fieldset elements, but also to the “Credit card” fieldset that is nested within
the “Payment option” fieldset . If we want to style that one separately, we could target it by its
id attribute (which is credit_card , so we'd use a selector like fieldset#credit_card in CSS).
However, in this case it may be wiser to style any fieldset elements nested within a fieldset .
We only have one now, but if the form expands as we continue to develop our site, we'll be
able to kill more than one bird with the same stone.
fieldset fieldset {
background-color: #efefef;
margin: 1em 0;
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