HTML and CSS Reference
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Figure 7-17. This page has ignored the contextual styles applied to the three content areas.
So, make sure that you have the correct id in the <body> tag ( cols3 ) and the browser will
know which piece of the CSS it should use to render the web page.
Note We've used cols3 as the id rather than 3cols —which would be a more appropriate name—
because an id cannot start with a number, according to the XHTML recommendations defined by the W3C
( ).
Switching the Design to a Splash Page
Let's consider another variant of this design: a splash page that doesn't require any left or right
navigation (but the header and footer should remain). The first thing we need to do is change
the id value in the body element:
<body id="splash">
Next let's define display rules that will apply only if the page has an id in the body of
splash (contextual selectors, as you'll recall):
/* Splash page styles */
body#splash #content-wrapper {
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