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The argument about what constitutes the best page width is all about these factors. A web
page (or site) can be a fixed width, which might mean that at the default font size the line length
(as in the distance from left to right of the content that you're reading) is easy to read. This is
because as your eye reaches the end of the line, you can easily scan back to the next line with-
out losing your place. But what if you increase the font size in a fixed-width layout? Figure 7-1
shows a good example from (Sledgeweb's Lost ... Stuff, a popular fan-
site for the TV program Lost ). As you can see, at the default font size the site scores high on the
readability scale but not so high on the adaptability scale (Figure 7-2).
Figure 7-1. At default text size, this popular Lost fansite—which is styled with CSS—is perfectly
readable. (Screen shots from Sledgeweb's Lost ... Stuff, .
Reprinted with permission.)
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