HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Chapter 1
Getting Started
We're sure you're champing at the bit to start building web pages, but we'd like to set the stage first and
cover some general information about the Internet and World Wide Web, as well as some background on
HTML and CSS. This chapter isn't a comprehensive overview by any means, but it will get you up to speed
on some of the terminology and concepts you'll need to be familiar with throughout the rest of this topic. If
you're already pretty web-savvy, and if you've used and worked with websites for some time, feel free to
skip ahead to Chapter 2 and start getting your hands dirty.
Introducing the Internet and the World Wide Web
“The Internet” is simply a catchall name for the vast, globe-spanning network of computers that are
connected to each other and can transmit and receive data, shuttling information back and forth around
the world at nearly the speed of light. It's been around in some form for nearly half a century now, ever
since a few smart people figured out how to make one computer talk to another computer. The Internet
has since become so ubiquitous and pervasive, impacting so many aspects of modern life, that it's hard to
imagine a world without it.
The World Wide Web is one facet of the Internet, like a bustling neighborhood in a much larger city (other
Internet “neighborhoods” include e-mail, news groups, and chat rooms). The Web is made up of millions of
files and documents residing on different computers across the Internet, all interconnected to weave a web
of information around the world, which is how it gets its name. In its relatively short history, the Web has
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