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disabled : A Boolean attribute that disables the control so it can't receive focus or be modified.
The value of a disabled control is not submitted. Many browsers will display disabled controls in a
“grayed-out” style by default.
form : This is new in HTML5 and allows the label to be associated with one or more additional
forms. The form attribute accepts a value of one or more form IDs, separated by spaces. This
feature allows authors to work around the lack of support for nested form elements.
formaction : This attribute is new to HTML5 and overrides the form's action attribute in defining
the control's handler. The value is the URL of the form handler where the data is sent when a
user submits the form.
formenctype : This is a new attribute in HTML5 and overrides the form's enctype attribute. It
specifies how the data from this control should be encoded before it's sent to the server. The
attribute only accepts the values application/x-www-form-urlencoded , multipart/form-
data (for input type="file" ), or text/plain (the default if the attribute is missing).
formmethod : This is new to HTML5 and overrides the form's method for sending data to the URL
defined in the action attribute. The two possible values are get and post .
formnovalidate : A new Boolean attribute in HTML5, this allows a form to be submitted while
bypassing the form's validation (only for input type="submit" ). Indicating this on an input
instead of for the entire form allows some buttons to bypass validation while others don't. For
example, a “save” button might submit a partially completed form to let users save their progress,
but without going through the validation process the form will undergo when it's finally submitted
at the end.
formtarget : This is new to HTML5 and overrides the form's target attribute, which specifies
the target window to use when the form is submitted. This attribute can only appear on input
type="submit" and its value is the name of the target window or frame, or one of the keywords
_blank , _self , _parent , or _top .
height : Specifies the height of an input type="image" in either pixels or as a percentage. This
is new in HTML5; image inputs couldn't previously carry dimension attributes.
ismap : A Boolean attribute declaring that the control is a server-side image map (only for input
type="image" ).
list : This attribute is new to HTML5 and references the ID of a datalist element that contains
predefined options for the control.
max : Specifies the maximum value allowed for the control, either a number, a date, or a time. This
is new in HTML5 and only for use with a number input or any of the date and time input types. If a
min attribute is also present, the value of max can't be less than the value of min .
maxlength : Specifies the maximum number of characters (including spaces) that can be entered
in a text field (any input type that can receive text). Browsers may not give any indication that a
field has a maximum length, and will simply stop accepting input when the limit is reached. If you
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