HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Figure 7-14. The caption now appears below the table.
Remember: regardless of the visual position of the table caption, the caption element must always be the
first child of its parent table element.
In this chapter, we introduced you to the table element and its supporting cast of child elements. You
learned about the differences between rows, columns, cells, and headings. We also introduced you to
logical row groupings and how to take advantage of column groupings.
While its history is marred by misuse, the table element remains a powerful means of conveying a wide
range of data. Whether you're marking up a simple two-column, two-row table or the most complicated
sales spreadsheet you can imagine, you should always keep in mind the values of semantics and
accessibility. From what you've learned in this chapter, you now have the know-how to bring even the
most boring set of data to life.
Coming up in Chapter 8, we'll introduce you to HTML forms, including some of the exciting new
developments in HTML5.
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