HTML and CSS Reference
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Styling Image Maps
Unfortunately, there exists no easy or consistent way of styling either the map or area elements using only
CSS. Google search results pertaining to styling either of these elements are littered with the shattered
hopes and dreams of many a poor soul. Techniques using JavaScript do exist, but fall outside the purview
of this topic. Should you find yourself in a situation where you need to add styling or enhanced interactivity
to an image map, we encourage you to investigate some of the JavaScript solutions cooked up by intrepid
web developers.
In this chapter, you were introduced to one of the fundamental concepts of the Web: linking documents
together. You learned how to create anchor elements and how to appropriately point them to documents
both local and remote. You also learned about the history of the image map and about its place in modern
web development. As if that wasn't enough, we showed you some common styling techniques of links that
you can apply in your own work.
Thus far, you've learned the essentials of creating documents, marking up content, and linking documents
together. In the next chapter, we introduce you to data tables.
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