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<source src="video/Gamera-mobi.ogv" media="screen and (max-device-width: 600px)" 
Required Attributes
src : Specifies the URL where the media file or stream resides on a web server.
Optional Attributes
type : The media source's media type (also called a MIME type). This may optionally include the
specific codec(s) used to encode the media.
media : The output media or devices for which the embedded media is optimized. This attribute's
value is a comma-separated list of valid media queries, as taken from the CSS specification
( ). The default value is “ all ” if the attribute is empty or omitted.
A track element specifies the address of an external timed text track for a media element, either audio or
video . Such a text track can provide accessible captions for the hearing impaired, or subtitles for other
languages, additional text descriptions, annotations, or metadata about the media. This is a recent addition
to HTML5 and browsers don't support text tracks yet.
The track element is a void element with no end tag, and it can only appear as a child of an audio or
video element. Within an audio or video element, track elements should come after all source
elements and before any other flow elements (such as an object , embed , or any other fallback content):
<video controls>
<source src="video/mechanical-monsters.ogv" type="video/ogg">
<source src="video/mechanical-monsters.mp4" type="video/mp4">
<track kind="subtitles" src="video/tracks/mechmon-en.vtt"
srclang="en" label="English subtitles" default>
<track kind="subtitles" src="video/tracks/mechmon-ja.vtt"
srclang="ja" label="Japanese subtitles">
<track kind="captions" src="video/tracks/mechmon-cap.vtt"
srclang="en" label="English captions for the hearing impaired">
<p>Download this exciting video clip in
<a href="video/mechanical-monsters.ogv">Ogg Theora</a> or
<a href="video/mechanical-monsters.mp4">MP4</a> format.</p>
If there are multiple track elements present, you can mark one of them as the default text track with the
Boolean default attribute; without this attribute the first track acts as the default.
Each track element requires a src attribute supplying the URL of the text track data. Also important is the
kind attribute, specifying what kind of text track the browser is dealing with. There are only a few different
kinds of tracks:
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