HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Figure 4-22. Programming-related elements with default styling
Required Attributes
There are no required attributes for these programming-related elements.
Optional Attributes
These programming-related elements don't feature any optional attributes.
Revisions: del and ins
There may be times when you need to update a phrase in your document but would like to clearly indicate
what was updated. This is a job for the del and ins elements: del indicates deleted text, and ins
indicates inserted text. Both del and ins may optionally include a cite attribute bearing the URL of a
page with details about the change and a datetime attribute to mark the date and time the revision was
made. You can also include a short note about the change in a title attribute, as Listing 4-37 shows.
Listing 4-37. Revisions noted with the del and ins elements
<p>We'll be closed on <del datetime="2012-04-19">Friday</del>
<ins datetime="2012-04-19" title="minor shipping delay">Saturday</ins>
for installation of a new fluxomolecular extrusion loom.</p>
Most web browsers display the contents of del as a strikethrough (a horizontal line drawn through the
text), and display the ins element as underlined text, as shown in Figure 4-23. It's conventional for
inserted text to follow the deleted text.
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