HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Listing 4-24. A description list featuring two terms
<dt>Domino mask</dt>
<p>A domino mask covers the area around and between the eyes,
offering maximum comfort, freedom, and visibility, but minimal
<p>The name comes from the Latin <i lang="la">dominus</i>, meaning “lord”
or “master.”</p>
<dd>A head covering combining a hood and a collar or mantle.</dd>
<dd>A streamlined covering around an aircraft engine or personal jetpack.</dd>
Most browsers will display dd elements slightly indented from their corresponding dt . When a dd contains
other structural markup (such as paragraphs), the default margins of that nested element will apply. As you
can see in Figure 4-11, the paragraphs in the first term's description have default margins above and
below them, whereas the second term's two descriptions have no top and bottom margins at all. You can
modify all of this, of course, with CSS.
Figure 4-15. The description list rendered with default browser styling
Required Attributes
The dd element doesn't require any attributes.
Optional Attributes
There are no optional attributes for the dd element.
Phrasing Elements
We've covered most of the common elements you'll use to organize your content into sections, and to
break it down further into readable portions. Headings, paragraphs, and lists are the basic building blocks
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