Java Reference
In-Depth Information
You will fi nd sound, image and video fi les that may be used with these and other
multimedia programs on the CD-ROM supplied with this text.
Compile and from the fi rst example in
this chapter. Make sure that fi le beesting.jpg is accessible to the server and
then run this application.
Modify so that it creates an ImageIcon from the byte array
received from the server and then uses a JLabel to display the image received.
Compile the source code for the two program fi les ( and ) and then run the application.
Modify the code for so that the user can specify the number
of 'cuckoos' when 'play' is pressed. (For separate chimes, you will need to
insert an empty delay loop with a very large upper count value.)
Compile and run the MediaPlayer program from the end of the chapter,
experimenting with the video and sound fi les supplied on the CD-ROM.
Modify the above program so that the user can repeatedly specify
further sound and/or video fi les (without necessarily waiting for the
previous fi le to fi nish playing).
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