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This example involves a simplifi ed electronic ordering system in which the user's
order details are accepted via a form and then displayed back to him/her on a sepa-
rate Web page, with the user being prompted to confi rm those values. (In this artifi -
cial example, the user would need to use the browser's 'back' button to change any
Here's the code for the initial Web page ( Order.html ) that passes form input to
our JSP ( Order.jsp ):
<TITLE>Shopping Order</TITLE>
body {text-align:center;}
<H1><P STYLE="color:red">Order Details</P>
<!-- Pass all form entries to Order.jspā€¦ -->
<TD><INPUT TYPE="text" NAME= "name"></ TD>
<TD>Address line1:</TD>
<TD><INPUT TYPE="text"
NAME= "addressLine1"></ TD>
<TD>Address line2:</TD>
<TD><INPUT TYPE="text"
NAME= "addressLine2"></ TD>
<TD>Address line3:</TD>
<TD><INPUT TYPE="text"
NAME= "addressLine3"></ TD>
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