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Fig. 10.6
Output from JDBCX.jsp
1. If the parameter has the same name as the property, simply omit the value
attribute of that property. For example:
<jsp:setProperty name="account" property="balance" />
(Note that there is no need to call getParameter to retrieve the value of the
2. Use a parameter with a different name, replacing the value attribute with a
param attribute. For example:
<jsp:setProperty name="account" property="balance"
param="userEntry" />
3. Set al l bean properties that have names matching those of parameters sent to the
page (at the same time). In this variation, only attributes name and property
can be used, with the latter being set to “*” . For example:
<jsp:setProperty name="account" property="*" />
(Parameters having names matching attributes of account are used to set
values of those attributes.)
Now let's take a look at a complete JSP that makes use of a
<jsp:setProperty> tag…
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