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private int numFrames; //(No longer a constant.)
private int oldNumFrames; //No. of frames in
//previous image.
private int currentImage = 0;
private int delay = 100; //(No longer a constant.)
private Timer animTimer;
public static void main(String[] args)
AnimBean 2 anim = new AnimBean 2 ();
public AnimBean 2 ()
//Loading of frames not done just once now,
//so must be moved out of constructor…
animTimer = new Timer(delay,this);
private void loadFrames()
//Check no. of frames in animation fi rst…
numFrames = 0;
File fi leName =
new File(imageName + numFrames + ".gif");
while (fi leName.exists())
//Increment frame count for each image in
//sequence that is found…
//Update fi lename to check for next frame in
fi leName =
new File(imageName + numFrames + ".gif");
if (numFrames==0) //No image found!
return; //Abandon loading of frames.
//Following lines moved from constructor
//(with no. of frames now variable)…
image = new ImageIcon[numFrames];
//Now load frames…
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