Java Reference
In-Depth Information
Use factory reference to create a StockItem
object on the server and return a reference to
this StockItem (using method createStockItem
within the StockItemFactory interface)…
StockItem stockRef2 =
//Now use this reference to call methods of the
//new StockItem object…
System.out.println("\nStock code: "
+ stockRef2.code());
System.out.println("Current level: "
+ stockRef2.currentLevel());
catch (Exception ex)
System.out.println("*** Client error! ***");
7. Compile the client.
From the directory above directory Sales , execute the following command:
8. Run the application.
As before, this requires three steps…
(i) Start the CORBA naming service (unless it is already running) .
Enter the following command:
Output should be as shown in Fig. 6.3 .
N.B. Attempting to start (another instance of) the naming service when it is
already running will generate an error message!
(ii) Start the server in a new command window .
The command for the current application will be:
java StockItemServer
Output should be as shown in Fig. 6.5 .
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