HTML and CSS Reference
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Example 2.20: providing table alignment and spacing (continued)
<th></th> <th> lunch </th> <th> dinner </th>
<th> kitchen </th> <td> 23 </td> <td> 30 </td>
<th> dining room </th> <td> 31 </td> <td> 45 </td>
Figure 2.20: A table with good alignment and spacing
Numeric data in a table looks better when aligned on the right. his CSS
thead th { text-align: right; }
speciies right alignment for table head cells with the thead element. he state-
ment following that speciies let alignment for the th elements used as row
labels. he padding property for both th and td elements is given the value
3px 6px , which is a shorthand way of saying 3 pixels for the top and bottom
padding and 6 pixels for the let and right padding. he table shown in
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