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Example 2.16: HTML for a definition list (continued)
<title>Example 2.16</title>
<dt><h3> Bucky Balls </h3></dt>
<dd> Technically, Buckminster Fullerene, a family of all carbon
molecules named after the great designer-architect-engineer,
Buckminster Fuller. The most stable member, C60, is a hollow
sphere with the same architecture as the geodesic structures
Fuller pioneered a half century ago. </dd>
<dt><h3> Penrose Tiling </h3></dt>
<dd> A method of tiling a plane thought impossible until
discovered by Roger Penrose. Combining two differently shaped
rhomboids, the tiling has five-fold symmetry, yet <em> the pattern
is not periodic! </em> . A mathematical curiosity until it was found
in some natural minerals with rather strange properties. </dd>
Figure 2.16 shows how this deinition list appears in a typical browser.
Figure 2.16: A definition list
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