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Example 2.11: paragraphs, block quotes, and address blocks in
HTML (continued)
<title>Example 2.11</title>
<p> I was recently reminded of one my favorite quotes when it appeared
on the back of a business card given to me at a meeting: </p>
<blockquote> The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the
sweetness of a low price is forgotten. </blockquote>
<p> My associate thought that the quote originated with the
designer, Aldo Gucci. I thought it came from Benjamin Franklin.
If you have a direct reference source, please contact me at: </p>
Author Dent <br/>
Figure 2.11: paragraphs, block quotes, and address blocks
Web designers who design page templates for blogs and instant-website gen-
erators oten style block quotes distinctively by changing the typography and
adding backgrounds and borders. Example 2.12 adds a few CSS statements in a
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