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<big></big> Increases the font size somewhat.
<small></small> Decreases the font size somewhat.
he big element is not in the HTML5 speciication. he small element has a
semantic purpose in HTML5: It is the element for marking up the “ine print”
of a document—the disclaimers, legal terms, and conditions that nobody ever
he time element is new with HTML5. Its purpose is to provide machine-
readable publication dates and times of articles and indexes of articles, as
found on the front pages of online magazines and blogs. If a document has
multiple article elements, there should be no more than one time element per
article. If a document has no article elements, there should be only one time
element. It provides the publication date and time of the document itself. he
time element's datetime attribute holds the machine-readable value, and the
element's content can hold the human-readable version. For example:
<time datetime="2003-03-13"> March 13th </time>
he mark element is also new in HTML5. Its purpose is to highlight words
or phrases in a quotation that were not given emphasis by the quote's author
but that have signiicance in the current context. You would use the mark ele-
ment to highlight an important point in quoted text, for example:
<blockquote> ...nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property,
<mark> due process </mark> of law; </blockquote>
Or you would use the mark element in a passage copied from a historic or
religious text to indicate phrases where the translation is in dispute among
scholars. he emphasis element used in Example 2.5 could be replaced with
the mark element; however, consideration should be given to readers with older
browsers that do not recognize this HTML5 element. You could do this by
using both elements, for example:
...<mark><em>due process</em><mark>...
he span element is a general-purpose inline element that is semantically
neutral. It is very useful when given a class or style attribute:
... wishing you a <span style="color:red"> Happy Valentine's Day </span>
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