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1983 when the Cup was won by the Royal Perth Yacht Club, with
their yacht, Australia II, ending the longest winning streak in
the history of sport.
The America's Cup regatta is a challenge-driven series of match
races between two yachts which is governed by the Deed of Gift
which was the instrument used to convey the cup to the New York
Yacht Club. Any yacht club that meets the requirements specified
in the Deed of Gift has the right to challenge the yacht club
that holds the Cup. If the challenging yacht club wins the match,
the cup's ownership is transferred to that yacht club.
he body of Example 2.6 consists of a division element, with an image tag
inside it, followed by two paragraphs of text. he division has a class attribute
with the value "image-left" . here is nothing special about that name.
"Garield" would have worked as well, but image-left is more helpful. In the
style element in the document's head, two CSS rules, in curly braces, are
assigned to the division with the image-left class attribute value:
float: left;
padding-right: 1em;
he irst rule assigns the value "left" to the loat property, which forces
the following paragraph elements to wrap around the division. he second
rule provides one em 2 of padding on the right of the image to give the page a
professional, typeset look. he image is 120 pixels wide. hat plus the one em
of padding leaves plenty of room for the text.
Figure 2.6 shows the page in a browser window. Notice how the paragraph
text returns to the let margin once it extends below the image.
2. An em is a typographic unit equal to the width of the letter M.
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