HTML and CSS Reference
In-Depth Information
Appendix B:
CSS Properties
The tables in this appendix summarize the CSS properties that can be
used to style HTML elements. For each CSS property, the possible
values it can be assigned, the default or initial values given to appli-
cable elements, and whether the property's value is inherited by child elements
are shown. he tables are separated to indicate groups of complementary
A default value of “ua-dependent” indicates that the value depends on the
user agent or browser.
An asterisk (*) next to the property's name indicates that it is a new CSS3
property and may not be supported on all browsers.
Explanation of Values
Value Type
A positive or negative numbe r between 0 and 360,
immediately followed by deg or rad
A color name or # xxx or # xxxxxx or rgb( n , n , n ), where x is
a hexadecimal digit (0 to 9, a, b, c, d, e, f) and n is an integer
between 0 and 255 or a percentage
A number , without a decimal fraction, including 0, possibly
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