HTML and CSS Reference
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and the About page at might have this title:
<title>About: Example.Org</title>
As a general rule, compose your page titles so that they would make sense
as the table of contents entries if your site were transformed into a book.
he style Element
he style element is an important part of the document head and provides
one of the three sources of CSS information to the current document. he
other two sources of CSS information are stylesheet iles imported using link
elements and style attributes in the markup of body elements. here is no limit
on the number of style elements and linked stylesheets that can appear in
the head of a document. All CSS statements are collected, and a “computed”
stylesheet is derived according to the rules of the cascade. Speciic CSS rules
override general rules of the same importance, and later rules override earlier
rules of the same speciicity.
A CSS style element, or the contents of a stylesheet ile, may contain two
other types of statements besides those applying style rules to elements: com-
ments and import directives. Comments are enclosed in the character pairs
/* */ and generally can appear anywhere in a stylesheet, either between or
within CSS statements. hey are a very good idea, and you are encouraged to
use them liberally. Import directives, which let one stylesheet include the con-
tent of another stylesheet ile, are discussed in Chapter 3. hey always go at the
top of a stylesheet before any other statements other than comments and other
import directives.
he link element that references a stylesheet can have type and media
attributes for selective application of styles in diferent circumstances. hat
said, web authors and developers should avoid building complicated stylesheet
constructions that depend on the quirks of legacy browsers. he challenge of
good web design is to do more with less.
he base Element
he base element can be used to provide a base URL for the hypertext links
in a document that use relative addressing. A document should have no more
than one base element. A common use of the base element is with test versions
of pages on a development server or local PC. If you add a base element such
as this:
<base href=" "/>
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